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Smarter Solutions

Start your savings and energy independence journey.

A 360Energy Smart Start solar system means you start saving right away. Monitor and learn how you use energy and add batteries later!

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Add a battery and get even smarter

Our 360Energy Smart Battery Range packages allow our customers who have already experienced the benefits of solar ensure they get full return on their solar system and make it work day and night!

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Outsmart your energy provider with smarter solutions to suit any budget.

Our 360Energy Smarter Home packages combine batteries with solar to replace nearly all of your grid use, thus giving you control and a cheaper energy future.

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360Energy Smart Savings Calculator

Select a system that matches your needs and learn how much you could save.

Where do you live?

Your postcode helps us calculate the the amount of energy your system will generate, any discounts that might apply and your savings.

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How much energy do you use?

Small Home
Low energy use (10kWh)

House with 1-2 people

Family home
Low energy use (15kWh)

House with 2-3 people

Family home
Average energy use (20kWh)

House with 3-4 people

Family home
Larger energy user (25+ kWh)

House with 5 people
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1x Solar Inverter
1x Home Battery

Estimated 15 Year Savings

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Smart Starter Systems start from ${{results_get[0].system_cost | number:0}}

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Estimated 15 Year Savings

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Smart Starter Systems start from ${{results_get1[0].system_cost | number:0}}

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* 360Energy offers a range of solar inverter, panel and battery solutions to suit different circumstances, thus final system cost is dependent on final system design and household location.
STC calculation based on the postcodes 0870,2000, 2840 & 3000.
ˠ System performance and final savings will vary depending on your individual circumstances and may differ from these estimates. Financial analysis includes a battery replacement at 50% of original price,
6% annual inflation of electricity tariffs, 70% self-use of your solar and an initial electricity tariff of 34c/kWh inc. GST.

Tesla's Next Generation Powerwall 2 will be available April 2017
The Tesla Powerwall 2's stylish compact design married with double the energy of the first generation Powerwall allows you to power a two-bedroom home for a full day.

The Powerwall 1 is perfect for the average Australian home. Now in stock!
The Powerwall will run your key appliances at night and its smaller size means you may not have to invest in extra panels when adding home batteries to your current system!

Build Your Dream system with a 360Energy BYD Smarter Home system. Coming May 2017.
No matter the size of your home or business we can build a system to meet your energy needs or your budget. Our systems represent the ultimate in flexibility and allows for system expansion over time.

Solar Storage has never been so affordable.
Our new 360Energy Smart Budget Solutions not only feature a full back-up capability, but you can also start small and add more batteries later. Now that’s smart!

Smart Solar Advantages

Cheaper price for electricity

Rooftop solar and battery storage can offer a cheaper option than electricity from your utility. Store your solar energy and avoid expensive evening charges.

Lock in your electricity price

No more nasty shocks. Avoid electricity price inflation. A 360Energy solar storage solution replaces electricity from the grid and helps you lock in a reduced price for power.

Strong return on investment

Solar and Storage make economic sense. It not only adds value to your home, it will also save you thousands over the life of the system! There's no other home investment like it.

Energy Security

Make black-outs a thing of the past and keep your critical appliances running with a 360Energy solar storage system.

Use your electricity

Why sell your valuable excess electricity back to the utility for next to nothing? Store your electricity for evening use and get a full return on your solar!

Lessen the load

We all have an obligation to manage our environment sustainably and leave our children a better world. Generate and use your own clean, green electricity.

Cheaper price for electricity

Get control of your business costs. Solar can increase your business' profitability and productivity. Let us show you how.

Energy Security

Make black-outs a thing of the past and keep your critical processes running with a 360Energy solar storage system.

Meeting your needs

Tailor the 360Energy system to meet your needs and budget. Choose the size and storage capacity that suits your current situation and expand if your needs change.

Cheaper price for electricity

We help communities find a less expensive solution for their electricity supply. Ask us about our group buy programs.

A better solution

Whether it is a brownfield or a greenfield site, 360Energy and its partners provide alternative electricity generation and supply options

Energy Security

360Energy solar storage systems can provide energy security and peace of mind for key community infrastructure.

The Smart Journey

During The Day

Your 360Energy solar storage system is sized to not only produce electricity during daylight hours to power your home and appliances, but also to charge your Powerwall Tesla Home Battery.

Your Roof

The solar system must generate enough electricity for daytime and nightly needs. Do you have enough roof space? If roof space is limited, we have a range of options to get the most out of your system.

Your Appliances

Appliances that use a lot of electricity and can run on timers are best used during the day. They are powered directly by your solar system when solar electricity is at its cheapest. It means you don't have to oversize your battery system and you pay less for your system!

During The Night

The electricity not used by your home during the day is stored, thus giving you the option to use your solar energy in the evenings or during a black-out.

Your Battery

Ideally the 360Energy battery system is sized to run the appliances most often used at night (TV, refrigerator, lights, computers, etc.) from the late afternoon through to the late evening, and also provide enough electricity to critical appliances in the event of a black-out.

Your Appliances

Appliances such as clothes dryers, dishwashers and hot water storage use a lot of electricity. Programming them to run during the day directly off solar, or after midnight on a cheap off-peak tariff means you don't need as big a battery system and you save money.

Come home to a Smarter home.

We're here to provide you with a true energy solution. let the solar journey begin!

Smart Partners = Smart Solutions