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Simply take a photo or scan your latest bill. This will help us calculate the savings you can expect from your 360Energy battery system.

About the Tesla Energy Powerwall

360Energy is excited to release its solar storage solutions featuring the Tesla Powerwall.

360Energy’s vision is to bring people, ideas and their engagement into a new energy future that transforms our customer’s lives through sustainable energy, product and service solutions.

When buying a 360Energy Tesla Powerwall system, what I am getting?

The 360Energy Powerwall based packages comprise high quality solar PV modules (Risen Solar, JA Solar or LG Solar panels), an inverter (SolarEdge, SMA or Fronius) and the Tesla Energy Powerwall.  Our packages also include all relevant electrical ancillaries, installation and roof mounting system.

We’ll analyse your circumstances to make sure your 360Energy solar storage system is designed to maximise your savings, lessen your reliance on fossil fuels and put you in charge of your electricity!

If you’d like to consider installing a solar system now and a battery system later, check out our wide range of solar systems. Discover our latest offers here.

Your system will also be fully upgrade ready for, Electric car charging integration, home automation.

Does a Solar Storage System with the Tesla Energy Powerwall cost under $5000?

No, it is a common misconception that the Battery Package is the primary cost of a solar storage system, in fact it makes up just 20-30% of the overall system cost of a complete solar storage system.  Exactly how much is dependent on the solar module or solar hybrid inverter that is included in your package, and the cost of other items including installation costs, electrical switchgear and the roof mounting system..

Is it possible to add a battery to go with my existing solar system?

Yes, 360Energy has a range of solutions that allow battery systems to be added to many existing solar system installations.  We’ll analyse your circumstances, and together, work out what’s the best solution to meet your needs.

If you’re just wanting to start with a solar PV system and add batteries later, no problem, we have a range of battery ready solutions that allow you to start saving today, understand how you use energy and allow you to add batteries tomorrow.

Where will 360Energy Tesla Powerwall based systems be available?

360Energy plans to install its Powerwall based solar storage systems across all eastern States in Capital cities and major regional centres. We expect to expand our coverage to WA during 2017.  If you fall outside of our immediate areas of coverage, we’ll find a way to install your 360Energy system.

What battery sizes will you offer?

The Powerwall provides 6.4kWh of usable energy, the battery is cycled on a daily basis and this is sufficient to meet the basic peak evening electricity needs of the average home.  Tesla is developing options to connect multiple batteries and increase the overall capacity.

If we find during our review that you would benefit from a larger storage capacity, we can explore additional solutions to best meet your needs.

Why are there different size solar arrays with the 360Energy Powerwall systems?

We offer a variety of solar array sizes matched with your 360Energy Powerwall system, depending on your usage patterns, volume and the available roof space we will recommend the appropriate size of solar generation. Our 360Energy specialists use our software program during the consultation to help determine what your system options are and the anticipated outcome based on your unique circumstances.

How do I monitor the performance of our system?

All 360Energy Powerwall systems provide for system monitoring, the information provided reports on  your home or site energy consumption, solar generation, state of charge of the battery and energy savings.

What is the difference with 360Energy Powerwall systems and others?

360Energy systems are all upgradeable for future deployment of 360Energy home automation systems, security systems and integration with electric car charging stations. 360Energy is constantly developing products and services that empower our customers. Our goal is to earn the opportunity to transform your experience of energy.

How long can the 360Energy Powerwall system be used for?

The Powerwall is designed for daily use applications like self-consumption of solar and load shifting. Assuming full daily cycles, Powerwall is designed to provide energy for 3650 full equivalent cycles which is equivalent to 10 years of use. Tesla uses number of cycles as an easy illustration of throughput capacity and does not penalize the user for depth of discharge or partial cycles. Two half cycles or four quarter cycles are equivalent to one full cycle, as energy throughput is the key metric affecting lifetime. The term “cycle life” or “number of cycles” should be carefully used given some companies use those terms while not necessarily referring to a full cycle (0 –> 100% –> 0%).

Will the system work if the grid fails?  Does the system offer UPS (uninterrupted power supply) functionality?

Yes, the 360Energy Powerwall system can be installed with Emergency Power Supply (EPS) ready functionality when using the SolarEdge inverter.   EPS functionality with SMA inverters is expected during 2017.  This should not be considered a UPS functionality as there is slight delay should the EPS functionality be required.

EPS functionality is due to be relased with SMA and SolarEdge inverter options in mid 2016.

Can I have a larger 360Energy Powerwall system?

Yes, multiple Powerwall’s can be connected to either increase energy, power, or both. A total of 8 Tesla Powerwall’s can be connected together in parallel. However, at this moment, it is only the SolarEdge inverters that are able to support the integration of 2x Powerwall’s per inverter. In the future as Powerwall inverter partners develop capabilities for integrating more than one Powerwall per inverter we will make this information available.

Is the Powerwall safe?

Yes, the Powerwall architecture has been built from the ground up to deliver multiple levels of protection. In addition, a highly sophisticated Battery Management System and liquid thermal control system ensures the batteries will always function in a safe manner. The Powerwall is tested and certified to local market safety standards.

Can the batteries inside the Powerwall be recycled?

Yes, the batteries inside are recyclable. At the end of life, Tesla will accept the Powerwall for recycling at the Gigafactory.

Does the 360Energy Powerwall system require regular maintenance?

The Powerwall itself does not require maintenance or servicing unlike  some lead-acid based batteries which require weekly monitoring and frequent maintenance. However 360Energy does recommend an annual maintained clean of your entire system? This includes cleaning of our panels, inverter casing and Powerwall casing.

What is the warranty of the 360Energy Tesla Powerwall system?

Manufacturers warranties are provide on all element’s of the 360Energy system this include 10 years limited written warranty for the Powerwall batteries and a 25 year performance guarantee for the solar panels. 360Energy also provide our unique 7 customer care program details of which can be provided on the web site.

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