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Let’s Make blackouts a thing of the past

Make blackouts a thing of the past and keep your critical appliances running with a 360Energy solar storage battery system.

Ideally the 360Energy battery system is sized to run the appliances most often used at night (TV, refrigerator, lights, computers, etc.) from the late afternoon through to the late evening, and also provide enough electricity to critical appliances in the event of a blackout.

What sort of system do I need?

Everyone has different energy needs. From singles through to families, 360Energy can tailor a Smart Home package to suit your budget and energy needs. Our Smart Home battery systems offer an affordable, attractive, long life and expandable alternative to your traditional electricity provider.

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How do I start saving money?

Save now with our affordable, flexible and cashflow positive payment options to suit your needs. Solar power allows you to use energy the way you want to without the worry of skyrocketing electricity bills. A 360Energy Smart Optimiser System allows you to get the most out of your solar + battery storage system and optimise your home energy use and therefore your savings.

About 360Energy battery and solar

360Energy is independent of the large energy retailers, and in conjunction with our Accredited Dealer Partners, we are Australia’s largest independent network of solar storage specialists. We have been partnered with the world’s leading lithium battery manufacturers including Tesla and BYD to bring you smart energy solutions.

Still not convinced?

Arrange an appointment with one of our experts who will take you through the solar storage process to suit your home as well as our easy finance options!